SEO in Healthcare

SEO, now more than ever, is about smart code and brilliant content.

SEO in Healthcare
By the Ascender Team
March 28, 2018

Last week Ascender’s Managing Director Joseph Yenish had the privilege of presenting at ePharma in New York to discuss the past, present and future of SEO in healthcare.

Ascender’s Joseph Yenish (right) on stage with Novo Nordisk’s Jeremy Shepler. Photo courtesy of mmm-online.com

At Ascender, it’s one of our core competencies. We love helping clients and brands improve organic visibility of their owned properties and helping drive strong KPIs.

For us, you can break SEO success into two parts:

1. SEO and SEM fundamentals remain the same.

  • Clean code, metadata, tags and structured data are an essential foundation to aiding high organic ranking on Google and Bing
  • Great UX and UI to push important information up to the top of your search index and keep pertinent pages just a click away
  • Smart internal linking strategies to connect your content
  • Tapping the power of social, content distribution and a smart back link strategy is necessary

That said, these tactics are not the end-all-be-all. They are the starting point for ensuring your metaphorical “digital house” is strong and ready to accelerate organic visibility. Which brings us to point two.

2. Now, more than ever it’s about content marketing – content is king.

  • Strong, deeply relevant and optimized content is king – we live in a saturated market where un-engaging content is rampant and truly informative, engaging and meaningful content is more rare
  • Better yet, target content to your audience, always put people first (don’t just think of them as consumers – who are you?!)
  • Channel specific optimizations will continue to rule especially in the advent of voice assistance like Siri and Alexa; natural language will be more important than ever

It’s coming sooner than you think. Now, we can multi-task and feed our insatiable appetite for information while performing tasks in our offline world.

Imagine preparing dinner and wondering to yourself, then asking aloud…

“Alexa, is there a local MS support group in the Phoenix area?”

“Ok Google, what medication is used most to treat kids with ADHD?”