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our Portfolio


Information Architecture and Website Design for the American Ballet Theatre

Infor brought in Ascender to showcase the long history of the American Ballet Theatre (ABT) with modern sensibilities through a new redesign that coincided with a rebranding of the organization.

Additionally, our UX team took on a massive content audit, while Development built a WordPress CMS with custom functionality handling relationships between events, shows, dancers, tickets, subscriptions and more. The Events calendar and Archives also feature a robust filtering and tagging system to find content quickly.

To help fast track the process, the entire site is built with a modular mindset to efficiently create and modify 1000+ pages – including the ability to alter color and other content variables.

Information architecture, website design and development

Patina Rentals

Website Design & Development for Patina Rentals

Providing a place to showcase Patina Rentals’ amazing collection of eclectic furniture and decor was easy when the content is so easy on the eyes. The challenge was building a custom commerce experience that allowed customers to reserve specific pieces for their special events, all integrated into WordPress and the client’s custom inventory management software.

The result was a front end and back end that the client could kick back and relax with.

Website design and development


Architecture & Website Design for Ramapo

Smart information architecture was of utmost importance in our website redesign for Ramapo College. The college has more than 100 programs, plus an enormous amount of content. The goal was for visitors to have meaningful engagement with its campus experience and culture through stories, videos and photos.

In addition, they needed to generate leads for their marketing department.

In our award-winning website redesign, we focused on content discoverability. Our second priority was ensuring it was easy to apply. Finally, we integrated multiple lead generation points in the responsive design. In the end, the custom website design, development and CMS was an absolute success.

Information architecture, website design and development


Website Design and Custom Development for Kipany

What started as a website design project, grew into a custom graphic design project including animation that inspired Kipany’s new look and feel.

First, our creative team custom animated case studies to make Kipany’s results stand out. Next, we also added dynamic design elements to make the one-page site feel richer and deeper. Finally, the build included WordPress integration and animation from Adobe Animate.

Design, animation, website design and development


Brand Identity, Website Design and SEO for HealthPass New York

HealthPass asked us to refresh their brand identity and help explain its offerings to key business decision-makers.

A custom built information hub for brokers and consumers made it easy people to find exactly what they were looking for. Our strategy included custom landing pages, ModX integration, video animation and full-service maintenance and support.

Finally, we also helped design print marketing collateral that tied into the site.

Brand design, animation, print, website design and development and support

Benefit Kitchen

Brand & App Design for Benefit Kitchen

Simple ideas are often complex. Benefit Kitchen sought to build a mobile healthcare app. They wanted to help people easily figure out healthcare benefit eligibility. To do that, they needed to quickly navigate through state and federal laws.

As a result, Ascender built Benefit Kitchen’s mobile healthcare platform with a screener application. The screener uses algorithms to determine potential eligibility for up to 18 federal, state, and local benefits – in just 10 minutes.

In the end, our custom code quickly computed complex data. While the simplicity of the design increased screener completion rates.

Brand design, animation, website design and development and support


Atavus Tacklytics Data Visualization & Development Integration

Ascender teamed up with Atavus, the leader in tackle performance, analysis, and coaching technique, to perform a variety of custom development. Custom integration between it’s CRM platform and website, Integration with Atavus’ custom Tackylitics API to show data visualizations and a fully custom WordPress theme round out a successful partnership.

HubSpot integration, API and custom WordPress development


SEO, SEM and Paid Media Strategy

SEO, search engine marketing and paid media is critical in capturing and retaining customers. A NYC communications firm tapped us to design and execute a strategy to drive sales for their luxury client with a high-end air purifier.

The aim: drive sales through its eCommerce site. Our multi-pronged approach improved organic search rankings as well as impression share and CPAs for paid. We crafted an strategy to focus on key competitive terms, as well as long-tail and intent driven phrases. We tested and optimized campaigns to find the right mix to drive optimal sales.

In the end, Y-o-Y paid conversions increased to 850% and conversion value grew 961% for paid campaigns.

Brand design, animation, website design and development and support


Custom Content Management & Media Kit Design for AdWeek

AdWeek needed a custom content management system to deliver its compelling, but ever-changing media offerings. We on the front-end we designed a visually stunning solution. It combines photography and graphic visuals to deliver a new, engaging digital media kit that is completely on brand. On the back-end, we customized WordPress to meet all their needs.

In our redesign, delivery of traditionally age-old content felt like a cool, new experience. The best part – the client could quickly customize and make updates through the custom, super-simple content management system and be sure it looked great on every screen because of its responsive design.

Brand design, animation, website design and development and support

Expert Perspectives

Information Architecture, Website Design & Development for Expert Perspectives

The premier platform for thought leaders in the medical community is built on a custom RubyOnRails content management system that allows easy authoring, intelligent tracking and most importantly, scaling.

Key opinion leaders provide their views and commentary on leading topics in medicine – with over 80 contributors and growing. With each new topic comes more granular disease categories, providing health care professionals a catalog of information and insight.

Information architecture, website design and development, custom content management solution

Our Team is Yours

The robots haven’t taken over quite yet. Behind all the code, color and action plans are the faces you see below. We are website design, graphic design, web development and digital marketing experts who are excited to share our talents with you.

Ascender Studios is always looking for more faces. If you like what you see, shoot us a note.



Mike is rooted in creative with his deep knowledge of animation, illustration and designing for both the offline and online worlds. For the last 15 years Mike has focused on creating inspiring design with close attention to quality of the craft. He previously founded Bobira Studios and helped Havas and Rapp launch their first digital shops.



Andy has development expertise as deep as the birth of the World Wide Web. In his 20-plus years in the space, Andy has honed the core technical and consultative skills needed to develop award-winning digital brand experiences, custom applications, mobile apps and web platforms. He previously founded Kindred Development and got his start at


Managing Director

Joe is a highly strategic, creative, and action-oriented leader with more than 18 years of experience developing and launching integrated marketing communication programs for some of the world’s leading brands. Joe’s previous experiences include EVP, Director of Client Services at Havas Life New York and VP, Development Director at Rapp.


Creative Director

Trevor brings an intense creative spark to every project. With more than 15 years of working in interactive design, user experience and information architecture, he is keenly attuned to perfecting digital experiences. Trevor previously worked at Bobira and helped clients Coldwell Banker, Comcast, Deloitte, Intel, HSBC, Novartis and Toyota.


Project Director


Creative Director


Content & Marketing Director

Jennifer is an award-winning and data-savvy marketer who loves technology and the art of communication. During the last 10 years she has fine-tuned how she helps clients better tell and track their stories. Jennifer previously worked for WPP’s Data Alliance, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, AOL and MIT.


Project Director


Finance Director

Sam is the go-to numbers person who helps Ascender run. Beyond her operations expertise, Sam is a solid sounding board for smart-decision making. She has more than 10 years of experience managing accounts and relationships. Sam previously worked at HealthPass and got her start at Gursky & Partners.


Senior Developer

John is our resident development guru who loves learning and applying new technologies. Fifteen years ago he started working on small flash ads and in his last role he led creation of the development department from the ground up. John previously worked for Kindred Development.


Senior Developer

Jason is a strategic interactive developer with serious UX and UI chops. For the last 12 years he’s specialized in front-end development including Flash, javaScript, angular, mobile apps and software. Before joining Ascender, he was the Engineering Lead at Paylock and Director of Interative at Rapp.



Alexei is a serious technophile with a penchant for finding solutions for tough development challenges. He is an excellent front-end developer with a love for JavaScript and expanding his skill set. Alexei previously worked at Kindred Development and got his start at BigBuzz Marketing Group.



Anthony has unparalleled expertise in content management, platform and front-end development. His pixel-perfect attention to detail and responsive chops are backed with his smart, proactive approach. Anthony previously worked for Kindred Development, Bobira and JPMorgan Chase.


Art Director

Thu is a versatile designer and can be counted on for art direction, design and production. Her ability to pivot between designing for print and digital enables her to thoughtfully create for brands, with a focus on healthcare. She previously worked for Bobira, Havas, GSW Worldwide, Health4Brands and Bloomberg.

Ascender Creates

Visual splendor

Technical dreamscapes

Inspiring stories

Intelligent experiences

Beautiful banners

Delightful designs

Squeaky clean code

Connected clicks

Flawless functionality

Inbox goodness

Perfect pixels

Custom solutions

Compelling content

Interactive architecture

At Ascender, we focus on building partnership-driven relationships while fast tracking your smart ideas to make them a reality. No matter the vertical – healthcare, education, non-profit, retail or real estate – we hold the skills, which are ever-evolving, to turn your initiatives into engaging experiences. Our background imparts understanding across the broad business world – from the intricacies of helping start-ups grow to navigating the levels of highly matrixed organizations. Take a look at our capabilities and see how we can help.

What We Do


  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Content Strategy


  • Email Development
  • Banners
  • Content Integration
  • Landing Pages
  • Microsites


  • Web + Application Design
  • Brand + Logo Design
  • Animation
  • Print Design
  • Illustration


  • Strategy
  • Copy writing
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Paid Media


  • Web Site Development
  • Content Management Systems
  • Custom Applications
  • Ecommerce
  • Responsive/Mobile

Technologies + More

  • Wordpress
  • ModX
  • Expression Engine
  • Drupal
  • RubyOnRails
  • PHP
  • mySQL
  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Exact Target
  • Shopify
  • Ecommerce
  • Salesforce
  • All Social Platforms
  • Hosting & Support

Who We Help

Perhaps it’s our expertise, hard-work ethic or personalities that makes us a great partner. Not only do we work directly with brands and organizations, but we also collaborate with agencies looking to elevate their digital design and development offering to clients.

Access Health CT
Audience Xpress
Barnes & Noble
Cult Health
Curriculum Associates
FTI Consulting
Healthpass New York
Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma
Ramapo College
Quest Diagnostics
Zero Variance

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