Putting the "Oh! in Organic.



  • Ascender planned and executed paid and organic search, paid social, paid content, as well as video and display campaigns across major ad networks.
  • Coway’s search visibility was increased to higher than 3 out of 4 of its national competitors.
  • Through optimization and aggressive keyword strategies, Ascender helped organic search become the top driver of Coway’s website traffic.

Coway is a Korean-based home health technology company. As the maker of one of the first “smart” air purifiers, Coway has grown exponentially since its US launch in 2016, including the launch of new luxury product categories: water purification and bidets.

The Challenge

The home-health technology space, specifically air purifiers, is crowded with major competition vying for organic and paid traffic.

A New York-based communications firm enlisted Ascender to design and execute a strategy to stake a claim in this market and drive consumer sales through Coway’s North American eCommerce site. The primary objectives were to optimize the site for search and drive more organic traffic, and to improve the effectiveness of Coway’s paid search campaigns.


Putting the "Oh! in Organic.

Ascender analyzed the Coway website and recommended a series of changes to boost its search rank for over 3,400 keywords. Within a couple months, Coway reached the #2 spot on Google searches for “Hepa filter” with a monthly volume of over 27k. Not only did Ascender focus on highly-competitive terms, but also drew in a large volume of traffic from long-tail phrases. As of 2019, organic traffic had grown by 124%. Organic search is now the top driver of traffic to the website.

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How 'bout SEM apples?

Ascender focused on making Coway’s SEM and paid campaigns data-driven and intent-driven. Consumer data informed all aspects of media planning, including content and ad copy. We managed the Coway’s media dollars on a daily and weekly basis, and provided monthly reports with analysis and recommendations for campaigns.

Our intent-driven paid search strategy included keyword research, smart budgeting and bidding, and building a stockpile of ad messaging to test and learn from. Adjustments, including geo and audience targeting, were made on-the-fly as data accumulated. Over four years, Coway’s return on ad spend (ROAS) increased by over 3700% (0.11 to 4.2). In the end, Y-o-Y paid conversions increased to 850% and conversion value grew 961% for paid campaigns.

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