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Hyde Engineering

Energizing an engineering firm’s website.

Hyde Engineering


  • Ascender extended an established brand for a more powerful visual impact.
  • Hyde’s extensive collection of case studies were reformatted, allowing visitors to quickly find the content matching their specific interests.
  • Using a combination of WordPress’ built-in editor and custom formatting blocks, Ascender built a flexible, editable site prepared to grow with Hyde.

Hyde Engineering Services is a Colorado-based engineering firm that provides design and consulting services for renewable energy projects around the world. Specializing in battery energy storage, solar, and wind technology, Hyde offers cutting-edge solutions for utilities, government agencies, project developers, and global technology firms.

The Challenge

After years of working on some of the most advanced energy projects in the industry, the Hyde team was ready to have a website that reflected the breadth and quality of their work. Ascender was tasked with taking the existing Hyde brand and finding new and creative ways to help it stand out for their prospective clients. The entire website was to be redesigned from the bottom-up, including new and compelling copywriting, a solid SEO foundation, and a flexible content management system that would enable the team to update content and add case studies with ease.


Extend the brand.

Hyde was happy with their logo, but needed new ways to apply their brand visually. Ascender kicked off the design process by developing some visual concepts illustrating various treatments for color, type, and photography.


Electrical wires.

Ascender produced a series of wireframes to illustrate the content flow for the new website. During this process, the value of Hyde’s extensive collection of case studies became more apparent. As the website copy was drafted, reviewed, and edited, the wireframes were updated to quickly and efficiently show the results in context.

Website Design

Designed for impact.

The design utilized dramatic photography, large headlines, and high-contrast colors to make a strong visual impact. To succinctly convey the broad scope of Hyde’s capabilities and process, Ascender designed infographic-like modules with custom iconography, all fully-editable in WordPress. Hyde’s impressive case studies were organized by client category, project type, and keywords, allowing website visitors to quickly hone in on the content most relevant to their interests. The case study template was designed to be flexible, supporting both brief summaries and multimedia-rich deep dives. Using a combination of WordPress’ built-in content editor and custom formatting blocks, Ascender provided the tools necessary for Hyde to continue building their content library. The new site not only captured the spirit of the Hyde team, but provided the foundation to continue evolving their voice as renewable energy becomes the primary power source for the world.

“The site is quite fast and looks great.”

James Cunningham, Hyde Engineering

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